January 19, 2014 4:23 pm


Join us on the 25th of every month and be a part of our “Wisewomen’s Club” sponsored by “Finding Three Perfect Christmas Gifts”.  We just finished Christmas and most of us are not ready to even THINK about Christmas again for many months.  However, if you will take a moment to reflect on words you may have muttered such as “Next year, I am going to make sure I…..” .  You may also be getting the after-Christmas blues after experiencing mental, physical and financial burnout.  The purpose of this new club is to do small things all year long to take some of the stress and pressure off November and December.

You will be provided with great ideas on the 25th of every month through blog post/videos, Facebook posts/videos and emails if you choose to sign up for our newsletters on the lower right side of the home page of this site.

We will give you ideas to celebrate other holidays, when to shop for particular items for the best pricing and other organizational tips that will keep you on track for next year and allow you to truly look forward to Christmas.  Please feel free to share this with your friends!  Watch for your first month of ideas on January 25th…just a few short days from now!

Happy January!


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