Have you been looking for ways to downsize your family's Christmas gift expectations to meet your holiday budget? Maybe you feel that your children are suffering from entitlement issues and you want them to focus more on the true meaning of Christmas. Some families are desperately looking to simplify in a down economy. In this quick-read book, Michele will introduce you to:

  • the single easiest way to cut back on your Christmas budget.
  • providing a meaningful holiday that children will actually remember .
  • ways to make the true meaning of Christmas more significant to your family.
  • reduce the focus on the commercialism of Christmas.
  • creative ideas for memorable gifts.
  • other people who are utilizing this in their own homes.
  • offer traditions that children will introduce to their own families as they grow older.
  • Traditions that will strengthen the bond between generations.


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The gifts for fun are usually the easiest and what the kids are asking for.  This was a fun family/couple gift that we gave one year.  It was a “Pass of all Passes” to several different amusement parks, sporting events and swim parks.  Something that they can use all summer and helps the  family budget and have unlimited fun!


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I am not a huge fan of the LONG Christmas letter that is included inside Christmas cards.  I do need to make a confession.  I have written and sent them for many years.  This particular year I decided to keep it short and sweet and just put each month with one short item that we did that month.  I didn’t have room to expose any family secrets I shouldn’t, brag about my kids and grandkids and give my family travel log.  Just another idea to help you create your own version.  I hope you will share them with all of


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Use a black and white photo from your childhood on the front of your greeting card to give it the look and feel of an old fashioned Christmas.  Remember that the best way to personalize your card is to use the system I have recommended in previous posts.  Please click HERE to access that service.  You are able to send a FREE card on me by clicking on that link and following the tutorial that will walk you through the process step by step.  No need to think you have to be “techy” to use the service.  Keep coming back


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A few  years ago OfficeMax.com came up with a catchy way to “Elf Yourself”.  You upload photos of family members, adjust the heads and then push play and the elves dance around to music and it is hilarious.  This particular year we captured the screen shot with a program designed to do so and put onto a Christmas card.  I believe today you can actually order a better resolution of the picture on a card through OfficeMax.com and they also have other scenes and songs now.  Just a new way to send a card without your family members having to


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This is one of the favorite gifts that I have given.  My daughters were a little young and may not have been super excited to receive.  However, I believe that it will be gift that grows in significance with time.  I put together a book with stories of many of their ancestors (grandmothers) with the intention of helping them to understand what strong women that have in their lineage.  I then wanted them to also have the pictures of themselves with their grandmothers in a frame in which they can keep in sight at all times.  These women are great


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It’s easier to find Christmas Card Photo Ideas for families but what about couples.  Here is the card that Mr. B and I did last year.  It has been well received on Pinterest and received lots of comments from our family and friends.


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Isn’t technology so wonderful when we can take an event like Christmas or really any other holiday or reason to celebrate and turn the expression of a physical greeting card into more than just a card.  I will be sharing some of the Christmas cards that I have sent over the last few years and I will also throw in some other creative cards I have found.  I hope this gets your family’s creativity going to have some fun with your Christmas cards this year.  Boxed Christmas cards are inexpensive and especially when they are on sale but they just

How to have more and spend less on Christmas!

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December 25th comes every year.  No big surprise there.  Yet the older I get the faster it comes and it has caught me unprepared on several occasions. When I am unprepared I begin hoping that I will get some windfall or bonus from my employer  just at the time I need to start buying Christmas presents.  Seldom if rarely does that happen.  Next and final choice becomes the credit card. If you have read my book you know that I am now a big proponent of downsizing the gifts and giving your children an “experience” rather than a gift. That

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So excited to see that the book is moving up the charts.  Sure need some reviews so that I can do another FREE day.  If you have downloaded and read the book, please take a moment to share your feelings.  Now that Halloween is over, I will be posting to the website, Facebook and Pinterest much more until the holiday.  Stay tuned for lots of ideas!

Christmas Planning Lunch

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Do this with some of your friends and exchange ideas! That’s what I did with one of my BFFs. Janae, former Mrs. Utah and superwoman of the year,  is one of those creative friends we all have that you like to have lunch with and pick her brain.  So….that is exactly what I did and in exchange I put together the planner for her as a thank you.  We came up with some great ideas that I can’t wait to use!!  If you have read the book, you will know the tradition of the Gold (or White) stocking.  That came