February 22, 2014 5:57 pm

 emergencybinderoutside     emergencybinderinside

I am certain my kids thought this was one of the lamest gifts since we started the tradition of The Three Gifts.  Image kids from ages 12-37 being excited about a binder half-filled that says, “Family Emergency Plan”.  I believe that this will become very valuable to them in the near future.  I have felt promptings that as parents, we need to make sure that our children and grandchildren are prepared for an emergency.  Emergencies have been all over the world  these past few years and I want a plan in place.

I gave them just a few chapters in an 8 chapter booklet.  I also gave them a calendar with dates and times that we will be meeting (six weeks apart) and we will start implementing ideas to get prepared.  I enticed them to come by telling them that part of their Christmas was the gifts that would receive in conjunction with the chapter we were reviewing. If they didn’t come, they didn’t receive that information. (I hope I can stay true to that because I want ALL of them to have ALL of it).  This way the cost of this gift was also spread throughout the year and gives us a chance to get together as a family.  Which is really important for us as a blended family to get to know each other better.  Our first evening is tomorrow night and I will post pictures of our event.  Wish us luck!


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