February 26, 2014 12:21 am

Welcome back to the Wise Women’s Club for February! The month has flown by and that is exactly how Christmas sneaks up on us.  Let’s do a quick review of how we did from some of the suggestions from last month.

  • Did you reflect and write down in your “Making Christmas Memorable” planner what  you liked and/or wanted to change for your Christmas season in 2014?
  • Did you sent out thank you cards and include your children? That is a great habit and hopefully one we can pass on to our children.  It is almost a lost art. Did you try the  system I suggested of ?  If not and you are reading this, I have 10 complimentary accounts ($31.00 value) that I am giving away to the first ten readers who respond by submitting a comment below to this blog post.  Pays to read the blog!
  • Did you start a Christmas budget?  How is it coming?  I am on task with my envelope system. If you answered “no” to any of these questions you can always visit the post last month and catch up.


For the month of February I am suggesting a few more ideas that you can implement.  Remember, I am doing whatever I am suggesting  for you to do and if you even do one new thing each month from the list, you will be much further ahead in December.

The first thing I am working on is my Gift Closet.  This is a space where you will start to store the Christmas gifts as you complete or purchase throughout the year.  It doesn’t have to be a closet.  I don’t have an empty closet at my house and I also wanted something a little more “discreet” so no one goes snooping. Works great with little kids.  No more having to give them the gift early because they stumbled and found the present early.  It should preferably have a lock or be stored in a place where no one thinks to look.  My gift closet looks like this.  It is a large Rubbermaid container on wheels.  It is large and I store it in my crawl space.  No one wants to go to the crawl space because my family either can’t navigate through all the stuff there OR they are afraid of the “perceived” spiders and I let them continue to be afraid of that space.  This is my gift closet.

giftcloset2     giftcloset1

The last thing I am recommending is to begin calendaring the monthly family highlights.  That way if you do a Christmas card or newsletter you do not have to spend time trying to remember the family events throughout the year.  I use the same calendar as my planning calendar in my “Making Christmas Memorable” planner.  This will save you time and make the job of a family Christmas newsletter so much more enjoyable.


That’s all for this month.  Visit us next month and throughout the month with new posts and ideas.  Feel free to share with us what gifts you may have given or are looking forward to giving this year.  Sharing makes this experience so much more fun!




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