December 7, 2013 10:14 pm

Giving either a new journal or a journal written by a ancestor is a great “cherish” gift. This is one of my favorite items I purchased for myself at Swiss Days in Midway, UT.  It is a company called and you can visit their site HERE.  It is their philosophy that most of us have time to write 5 little lines a day.  They also have a great system if you have special days that you need to write more than five lines.  I find as I am writing in mine that this is not only achieveable but you also are more selective as to what you write with those five lines.  I have a diary of my grandmas and it was something like this.  She wrote things like “I gathered 11 eggs today” which may not mean a lot to the reader but now there are few of us who gather are own eggs. I tend to write very selective information that I would want others to know as I prioritize those five little lines.  Because it is a five year journal, I will be able to see right what I did in prior years right above my daily posting. I think this is a wonderful gift that will be cherished for many generations! P.S.  Be sure to buy their pens.  They are perfect pens!



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