Cherish Gifts for 2014

January 19, 2014 4:57 pm

Now that Christmas is over, I thought I would share with you the gifts I gave to my children this year “To Cherish”.  For the past several years I have given each of my girls a piece to this beautiful nativity set.  I started with “The Holy Family” and have added the sets each year.  For one daughter, this was her first year at receiving the beginning set as she will be getting married this upcoming year and will have her own home to decorate.  For two of my daughters, we are almost completely finished with the set.


The gift that I gave to my step daughters was a gift I hope they will treasure.  I gave this to my own girls with their own picture and grandmothers’ pictures a few years ago.  The gift included a frame with a picture of them, then four generations of grandmothers.  It also included a book with stories about each of their grandmothers which I hope that they will feel a bond to them and see characteristics and traits that they want to emulate in their own lives.  I learned so much about my step daughters’ and their history by doing this project. The Cherish Gifts are ALWAYS the most memorable!

grandmothergift1 grandmothergift2 grandmothergift3


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