Gifts to Use

Of all the gifts, these are typically the more practical gift items. You can still make them fun and exciting based on your presentation and the experience you link to the gift itself.

Here I would like to share the top five gift ideas we have selected for the "Gift to Use". Your family will love to receive these presents! Need more specific details or ideas? Click here to start your reading and gift list.

  1. Their favorite clothing outfit, shoes, socks, pajamas, or even underwear!
  2. Tools, appliances or electronics.
  3. Gift certificates. You are going to love our creative ideas about how to personalize gift cards to make them more memorable. You will also find ideas for giving the gift of "self".
  4. Food/Gasoline gift cards, food storage, 72 hour emergency kits. You will find the best idea from one of my neighbors for making these practical gifts so much fun.
  5. Items associated with their hobbies such as golfing, scrapbooking, crafts and etc. Remember we have included ways to put the meaning and thought into the gift which will increase the significance of the gift.

Please feel free to leave comments with your favorite ideas for "Gifts To Use"!



       I am certain my kids thought this was one of the lamest gifts since we started the tradition of The Three Gifts.  Image kids from ages 12-37 being excited about a binder half-filled that says, “Family Emergency Plan”.  I believe that this will become very valuable to them in the near future.  I have felt promptings that as parents, we need to make sure that our children and grandchildren are prepared for an emergency.  Emergencies have been all over the world  these past few years and I want a plan in place. I gave them just a few



I will be posting gifts to use for all ages.  This is what I did one year for all of my grown families.  I gave them a 72 hour emergency kit.  I know that newlyweds and young families have so many different ways for the income to go.  I thought I would bring them some peace of mind by giving them a 72 hour kit which gives them food for 3 days in a waterproof backpack and some other items that they would need in a disaster.  I gave them lists to encourage them to not just stop with this