Gifts to Cherish

Of all the gifts, these are the gift items they will be the least excited for but will grow to love and remember the most. In the beginning they will be the hardest gifts to come up with but will become your favorite to give as well.

Here are the top five gift ideas we have selected for the "Gift To Cherish". If you want a gift that doesn't depreciate but rather becomes more valuable year after year, find specific details and click here to start the flood of ideas perfect for your loved ones.

  1. Journals of their ancestors or family history information.
  2. Spiritual Growth items such as scriptures, books, music.
  3. Heirlooms
  4. Jewelry or Jewelry Box
  5. Personal Letter or Book

Please feel free to leave comments with your favorite ideas for "Gifts To Cherish"!

Cherish Gifts for 2014

Now that Christmas is over, I thought I would share with you the gifts I gave to my children this year “To Cherish”.  For the past several years I have given each of my girls a piece to this beautiful nativity set.  I started with “The Holy Family” and have added the sets each year.  For one daughter, this was her first year at receiving the beginning set as she will be getting married this upcoming year and will have her own home to decorate.  For two of my daughters, we are almost completely finished with the set. The gift



Christmas ornaments which are personalized will always be a keepsake as time goes on.  I give all of my grandkids a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament with their personal photo.  I order mine from and they are usually around $10.00.  You have a selection to chose from and can see what it will look like as you design it with their template on their website.  There are other dough ornaments and other online stores which will personalize a family ornament and can also be given as family/neighbor gifts.



Giving either a new journal or a journal written by a ancestor is a great “cherish” gift. This is one of my favorite items I purchased for myself at Swiss Days in Midway, UT.  It is a company called and you can visit their site HERE.  It is their philosophy that most of us have time to write 5 little lines a day.  They also have a great system if you have special days that you need to write more than five lines.  I find as I am writing in mine that this is not only achieveable but you



The cherish gift is the most sentimental gift given in my opinion.  It is usually the one that brings the tears or emotions.  My husband’s mother had passed away prior to us meeting.  I had met his mother briefly a few times in other circumstances.  Everyone tells me what a polished, classy lady Elaine Bettridge was.  I wanted to give my husband, his father, his siblings, aunts and uncles and his daughters a very special memory of her.  I have a very talented friend, Monica Achter or Layton, Utah, who draws pictures of loved ones in the arms of the



This is one of the favorite gifts that I have given.  My daughters were a little young and may not have been super excited to receive.  However, I believe that it will be gift that grows in significance with time.  I put together a book with stories of many of their ancestors (grandmothers) with the intention of helping them to understand what strong women that have in their lineage.  I then wanted them to also have the pictures of themselves with their grandmothers in a frame in which they can keep in sight at all times.  These women are great