Gifts for Fun

Of all the gifts, these are the gift items they are most excited to receive.

Here are the top five gift ideas we have selected for the "Gift For Fun". Your family's presents are sure to be a hit this year! All out of fun ideas? Click here for specific details to start your planning.

  1. Day trips or extended vacations.
  2. Family outings/Group activity. I think you are going to love the ideas that work with both small and large budgets.
  3. Usually the gift they have been longing for and asking for all year.
  4. Board games, video games, or anything entertaining at home.
  5. Season or Day Fun-Pass to a recreational park or swimming resort.

Please feel free to leave comments with your favorite ideas for "Gifts For Fun"!



Santa brought a Nintendo Wii and so I provided some great family games like Family Fued, Mario Bro. Racing games and others.  This is how our family coordinates with Santa!



The gifts for fun are usually the easiest and what the kids are asking for.  This was a fun family/couple gift that we gave one year.  It was a “Pass of all Passes” to several different amusement parks, sporting events and swim parks.  Something that they can use all summer and helps the  family budget and have unlimited fun!