December 7, 2013 12:51 am

The cherish gift is the most sentimental gift given in my opinion.  It is usually the one that brings the tears or emotions.  My husband’s mother had passed away prior to us meeting.  I had met his mother briefly a few times in other circumstances.  Everyone tells me what a polished, classy lady Elaine Bettridge was.  I wanted to give my husband, his father, his siblings, aunts and uncles and his daughters a very special memory of her. 

I have a very talented friend, Monica Achter or Layton, Utah, who draws pictures of loved ones in the arms of the Savior Jesus Christ. Many times they are loved ones who have passed away. 

cherish3I gave her a photo and a month’s notice and she was very professional and very quick.  I called her the night before I was to pick it up and asked how the picture was coming.  She told me she was almost finished and sent me a picture message on my smart phone.  I looked at it but it was hard for me as I didn’t know her as well but it seemed maybe there was something not exactly right.  I was praying that it would look very much like her so that her loved ones would really make the emotiona connection.  Monica later told me that she prayed about it that night as she does all of her drawings.  She wants it to be perfect. 

When I arrived to pick it up and she showed it to me, the drawing appeared to be slightly different than the picture message.  It was PERFECT!!!  I was emotional and knew this would be the best present I had ever given.  I made copies at a professional copier to give to the rest of the family.  I purchased beautiful frames for my husband, his father and his daughters and then mailed the other photos out to the other family members.  I was not there when the extended family opened the photo but they said they were shocked at first because they were not expecting it and then came a flood of emotion.  My husband, his mother’s sisters and his daughters were all touched.  I think the memory I have most vivid is watching his oldest daughter Tiffany who spent a lot of time with her grandmother open hers.  The tears and emotion came INSTANTLY and I hope that it brings her comfort and memories.  This was by far one of my favorite cherish gifts!


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