Have you been looking for ways to downsize your family's Christmas gift expectations to meet your holiday budget? Maybe you feel that your children are suffering from entitlement issues and you want them to focus more on the true meaning of Christmas. Some families are desperately looking to simplify in a down economy. In this quick-read book, Michele will introduce you to:

  • the single easiest way to cut back on your Christmas budget.
  • providing a meaningful holiday that children will actually remember .
  • ways to make the true meaning of Christmas more significant to your family.
  • reduce the focus on the commercialism of Christmas.
  • creative ideas for memorable gifts.
  • other people who are utilizing this in their own homes.
  • offer traditions that children will introduce to their own families as they grow older.
  • Traditions that will strengthen the bond between generations.


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Welcome back to the Wise Women’s Club for February! The month has flown by and that is exactly how Christmas sneaks up on us.  Let’s do a quick review of how we did from some of the suggestions from last month. Did you reflect and write down in your “Making Christmas Memorable” planner what  you liked and/or wanted to change for your Christmas season in 2014? Did you sent out thank you cards and include your children? That is a great habit and hopefully one we can pass on to our children.  It is almost a lost art. Did you


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       I am certain my kids thought this was one of the lamest gifts since we started the tradition of The Three Gifts.  Image kids from ages 12-37 being excited about a binder half-filled that says, “Family Emergency Plan”.  I believe that this will become very valuable to them in the near future.  I have felt promptings that as parents, we need to make sure that our children and grandchildren are prepared for an emergency.  Emergencies have been all over the world  these past few years and I want a plan in place. I gave them just a few


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No one wants to think about the next Christmas when we are in the middle of January.  Most people do not even like to talk about it until after Thanksgiving of the current Christmas year.  On the other hand, no one likes it to sneak up on them or on their budget.  This year I will be posting on the 25th of every month until December some tips for preparing yourself throughout the year.  I want the Christmas Spirit to be in our hearts all year and this will help you have an abundance of the Spirit in December.  So

Cherish Gifts for 2014

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Now that Christmas is over, I thought I would share with you the gifts I gave to my children this year “To Cherish”.  For the past several years I have given each of my girls a piece to this beautiful nativity set.  I started with “The Holy Family” and have added the sets each year.  For one daughter, this was her first year at receiving the beginning set as she will be getting married this upcoming year and will have her own home to decorate.  For two of my daughters, we are almost completely finished with the set. The gift


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Join us on the 25th of every month and be a part of our “Wisewomen’s Club” sponsored by “Finding Three Perfect Christmas Gifts”.  We just finished Christmas and most of us are not ready to even THINK about Christmas again for many months.  However, if you will take a moment to reflect on words you may have muttered such as “Next year, I am going to make sure I…..” .  You may also be getting the after-Christmas blues after experiencing mental, physical and financial burnout.  The purpose of this new club is to do small things all year long to


December 13, 2013 8:30 pm | 1 Comment

We’ve all heard the warning to avoid coveting our neighbors property.  It’s just one of the great Ten Commandments we learn from the Savior.  It seems easy enough but I have found that regardless of my bank account, I can find those who have more and those who have less.  It’s just which I chose to focus on. Just after Thanksgiving I was having some mixed emotions about decorating my pre-lit Christmas tree.  My husband had brought it in from the garage and set it in our living room.  It sat for a few days.  I had observed many trees


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Christmas ornaments which are personalized will always be a keepsake as time goes on.  I give all of my grandkids a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament with their personal photo.  I order mine from Walmart.com and they are usually around $10.00.  You have a selection to chose from and can see what it will look like as you design it with their template on their website.  There are other dough ornaments and other online stores which will personalize a family ornament and can also be given as family/neighbor gifts.


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Santa brought a Nintendo Wii and so I provided some great family games like Family Fued, Mario Bro. Racing games and others.  This is how our family coordinates with Santa!


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Giving either a new journal or a journal written by a ancestor is a great “cherish” gift. This is one of my favorite items I purchased for myself at Swiss Days in Midway, UT.  It is a company called FiveLittleLines.com and you can visit their site HERE.  It is their philosophy that most of us have time to write 5 little lines a day.  They also have a great system if you have special days that you need to write more than five lines.  I find as I am writing in mine that this is not only achieveable but you


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The cherish gift is the most sentimental gift given in my opinion.  It is usually the one that brings the tears or emotions.  My husband’s mother had passed away prior to us meeting.  I had met his mother briefly a few times in other circumstances.  Everyone tells me what a polished, classy lady Elaine Bettridge was.  I wanted to give my husband, his father, his siblings, aunts and uncles and his daughters a very special memory of her.  I have a very talented friend, Monica Achter or Layton, Utah, who draws pictures of loved ones in the arms of the